As a kid exercise is part of life, not something we do extra

You have been outside all day. You have climbed around your treehouse, run around the neighborhood climbing fences and playing tag, built a fort out of lawn furniture, and played cops and robbers. You even dug a hole in the woods to bury some imaginary treasure. It’s been hours and you haven’t stopped moving. You are having the time of your life and the last thing you want to hear is your Mom or Dad yelling out the window for you to come in for the night.

Remember those days? Did you ever stop to think about how much exercise that was? As a kid, you spent hours upon hours working out, and you never once thought of it as boring, tedious, or annoying. I bet you certainly didn’t equate the time you spent “playing” as work.

What happened? When did exercise become something you have to talk yourself into, a thing to be done as a last resort, or worse yet something to be avoided?

You got older, you have more responsibilities, sure. The biggest thing that happened though…..the method of exercise changed. You are an adult now, you can’t go running around your neighborhood building forts and climbing fences. That might end up in some interesting local police blotter reports. Many activities that can be done as “grownup playtime”, things like rock climbing, hiking, or sports take time and money that may make it difficult to participate in regularly. So what do you do? You join a gym or you buy some fitness equipment that you can use at home.

What happens next makes it very difficult for many people to actually see any improvement in their level of fitness. The “at-home” gym and the fitness club membership is a great dream. They provide a vision of fitness and beauty that few ever attain. While the accessibility, options, and ease of use meet many people’s need to be involved in their fitness development, there are some major gaps in the function and process these methods offer.

One of the biggest reasons you did not think about how much you exercised as a kid is because you were playing with friends. If you go to a regular gym now, name 10 people that you know personally at that gym. If you can do that, then name 3-5 that you workout with on a regular basis. (not someone that you workout next to, but that you actually workout together). Chances are you can’t. In most gyms, there is no community, no one to push you and make you want to do better.

A big part of the APEX At Home program is centered around building a community that can share, motivate, and support one another. From the minute you start the program, you will make friends. We will work with you, listen to you, cry and laugh with you. When you try something new and succeed we will be there to cheer you on.

When was the last time you were at a gym and you knew exactly what you were going to do for a workout and how today’s workout was going to benefit you and affect the workout you do tomorrow? How about your overall plan for the next 3 months? Do you have a goal and do you know what you need to do to achieve that goal? If you can answer yes to all of that, fantastic! Most people cannot.

The fitness club or “at-home” gym is a great tool. Unfortunately, these tools, often, don’t come with instructions. One of the coolest things about The APEX At Home program is the coaching and programming that is available to you as a subscriber. You will always be part of a training program that has a purpose, a plan, and measurable performance. You will always have a coach whose sole purpose is to make you better. You will get the focus and attention of a personal trainer, wellness coach, and motivator all under one roof. You will never have to wonder what you are going to do or be unsure if your program will help you meet your goals. I help make sure it will.

My vision is to make fitness fun. I want you to live a fit life. Work on yourself, get the support you need and join a group of people just like you. Get better at everything and most of all,…Express your fitness by living your life the way you want to, with no limitations.

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