You are in your mid-forties or older. You are a good 25-35 lbs overweight. You haven’t done any real exercise in years. You think you eat pretty well, or you know you don’t but either way, there’s some improvement to be made. You have high blood pressure or you’re insulin resistance. You’ve been told you’re pre-diabetic, have high cholesterol, and are at risk for heart disease, a stroke, or worse.

Because you’re overfat, unhealthy, and out of shape, you’re always tired and never have enough energy to get through the day. You get stressed out easily. You have a hard time sleeping. Your bathroom adventures are legendary. You may have skin issues like eczema or psoriasis. Your joints and muscles are sore or ache all the time.

Following a nutrition and fitness program will help reverse all of these issues.

Every day you live with pain, discomfort, lack of sleep, stomach issues, skin irritations, medications, doctors visits, treatments, and potentially life-threatening illness.

Of all the things to consider when evaluating a health program,… the education and experience of the coaches, the effectiveness of the program itself, the feedback from current clients, the structure of the program and its ability to meet you where you are, the program’s components and how it addresses your problems, or even the simple question….will this program work for me?

The one thing you look at is, “How much does it cost?” ?!?!

Why is the monthly cost of a fitness program more important than the fact that joining said program could save your life?

Sure, we all have budgets. We all have obligations to take care of things in order to support our families and maintain our lifestyles.

What happens to your family and your lifestyle when you are in the hospital after a stroke or a heart attack?

As a society, we don’t talk about money a lot. Talking about money is a sensitive subject for people who don’t understand the value of what they provide.

My responsibility as a health and fitness guide is to help you see the things that you can do to live longer and have more freedom to do what you want to do with your life and your family.

When you use money, instead of what success in that program means for you and your family, as the reason to not start a program that you know is going to be good for you; you’re selling yourself short.

Here are a few things to ask yourself if you find a program that will help you but you aren’t sure you can afford it.

  • How long have I been struggling to find a solution to my problems? If you’ve been looking for something that looks like it has all the pieces you need, how much longer can you afford to wait once you find it?
  • Is it really that much? An average, full service, health, and wellness programs with coaching, nutrition, biometrics, and an effective fitness program will cost you from $5-10 per day. How much is that lunch you eat out every day or that fancy coffee or couple glasses of wine? Are those things helping you improve yourself?
  • What does it cost if I get hurt or sick? Hospital bills, medications, doctor’s visits, and lost work time, can cost you thousands of dollars. Not to mention the restrictions placed on you and the activities you can participate in after an injury or serious health event.
  • Do I know what to do? Let’s say you decide to save money month to month. What do you do? How do you exercise? What do you eat? How do you measure performance? Are you doing the exercises properly so you don’t get hurt? What’s your plan for getting healthy if you’re doing it on your own?

There are a ton of programs out there. Some may appeal to you more than others. Some will work better than others. There are old programs and new programs.

Fitness programs are just like bars. There are a bunch of them out there. If you only look for the ones with the lowest happy hour prices,…..well you know how that goes.

We understand that everyone is coming from a different place and we work hard to accommodate each person’s goals and background when we design a plan for them.

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