“Eat meat, Drink water”, is the mantra of the carnivore community. The Carnivore Diet aka. The Zero Carb Diet has been an effective tool for many years to help people with all sorts of issues heal themselves, and live better lives.

There is a long list of diseases, chronic illness, and other health factors that moving to an all-meat diet has helped people improve and heal. The improvement in body composition, fat loss, and improvement in metabolism are some of the most impressive aspects of the diet.

Question: How does the Carnivore Diet do all this and help you lose body fat, gain muscle, and make you feel more energized?

Answer: Addition by subtraction

Some things we know.

  1. Carbohydrates are used for fuel before body fat is used for fuel. As long as we’re putting carbs into our systems, we’ll never lose body fat.
  2. Plant-based foods are carbs. Think about that for a minute…. Now think about number 1 on this list.
  3. Fat provides more energy per gram (9 calories) than carbs do (4 calories). So less equals more. You have to eat more than 2 x the carbs to get the same amount of fuel.
  4. Plant-based foods take an extraordinary amount of work to be broken down into anything useful. Most of the processes our bodies have to go through in order to digest and use nutrients we get from plant-based food is multiples of what happens with meat. This is called bioavailability. Plant-based food has the LOWEST bioavailability.
  5. Also, the by-products of all this extra work increase our dependence on more plant-based food and then additional processes needed to deal with the by-products and waste. Take a look at Vitamin C as an example
  6. One of the biggest issues facing our society is the rise in chronic inflammation. This condition presents in so many different ways, it’s almost pointless to list them all here.
  7. The other major health issue we’re dealing with is insulin resistance and the negative effect carbs have on people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes increases every year.
  8. Fat is not bad for you. You need it for almost every function of your body.

Addition by subtraction
The first thing the Carnivore diet does is get rid of all the carbs. This does a few things.

  1. It allows the body to start burning body fat for fuel.
  2. It eliminates the extra processing energy and bodily functions being used to get nutrients from plant matter
  3. It eliminates the need for many currently thought to be “essential” supplements and compounds. Again, less extra stuff our bodies need to deal with.
  4. It removes all factors that can adversely affect insulin resistance and cause diabetes
  5. It significantly reduces inflammation.
  6. Improves gut health and heals IBS and other digestive issues.

Just with that list of things the Carnivore Diet brings to the table, I often wonder why everyone isn’t doing it already. The number of things that we deal with on a day to day basis that are a result of the things that carbohydrates do to our bodies is mind-boggling.

It gets better.

With the Carnivore Diet, we get to lose fat, improve overall bodily function, and help our bodies heal over time. Here’s how

  1. The most bioavailable foods are meats. Also the most highly nutritious food too. Less eating and calories, more nutrients
  2. More fat. This is such a huge benefit of the diet. 60%-70% of the food you eat will be fats. You’ll feel more full, have more energy, and your body will start to feel fresh again with more fat in your life.
  3. Digestion issues usually go away. Again, less food, less waste. Less need for extra stuff to digest the food equals fewer digestion issues.
  4. Easier to regulate gains and losses. Smaller changes in how much you eat can have a greater effect on the progress you make towards your goal.
  5. No need for a lot of supplements. It’s all in the meat. Outside of a couple that we suggest everyone take no matter what diet you use, extra vitamin, minerals, powders, shakes, etc,… can all go away.
  6. Meal prep and the amount of time you spend thinking about food is greatly reduced.

In general, the Carnivore diet takes away the seriously bad stuff and replaces it with seriously good stuff. Your body will function better with less inflammation, less stress, and more energy available to fuel your active lifestyle.

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