Have you ever told someone to “get to work”?

What is work? How do we “do” work? How does it have anything to do with my health?

How we define work

Scientifically we define work like this, W = Fd (Work = Force x distance)

Moving an object any distance requires some application of force greater than the weight, inertia, and other variable resistances affecting that object.

We have taken this principle and applied it to many aspects of our everyday life. You could say that most people define work as simply, “getting things done”.

How people do work

A computer programmer goes to her job every day. She sits in a chair, she walks around the office, she uses her cognitive faculties to accomplish her daily tasks. 

A nurse goes to the hospital and walks around for 10 hours helping patients, moving people around in beds, and dealing with high levels of stress throughout his shift.

A stay at home mom is always on the job. She is required to be mentally quick, physically active, and able to handle a million tasks at once. She has the most demanding clientele in the world and only the best will suffice.

Why work is important

Here’s a secret that many people in the world of fitness won’t tell you.

Successful FITNESS programs are NOT designed to help you lose fat, get a six pack, or “get ripped”

Seriously, they aren’t. If your goal is to get a six pack then you aren’t looking for fitness. You’re looking for a six pack. 

If the driving force behind your desire to workout is based on “getting ripped”, there are many places you can go and many products out there that can help you get there. Your fitness will be a secondary concern if it’s a concern at all.

Successful FITNESS programs focus on increasing your capacity to do work.

Your body’s ability to do work is directly relevant to your ability to perform at your job, in your home, and doing activities from day to day. 

If you are limited in how much work you can do then you hit a wall and things go downhill from there. You feel tired, you can’t concentrate, you need to take longer breaks, bottom line..less work gets done.

Basing your fitness program on increasing your ability to do work is important because it is the foundation for everything we do. 

Fitness is directly related to how much work you can do. The goal of our programs is to increase your work capacity.

With better fitness, that computer programmer, nurse, and stay at home mom; can be more alert, have more energy throughout the day, handle stress, sleep better, get more done in less time, and generally feel better and be more efficient in everything they do.

Fitness has nothing to do with how they look. It has everything to do with how much work they can do.


Guess what??? This isn’t even the best part but, as you increase your ability to do work, you also benefit from fat loss, muscle gain, a smaller waist, reducing clothing sizes, and gaining the appearance fitness….

Go figure…. If you work on increasing your fitness, you will start to look like you are fit.

Chasing the appearance rarely achieves the same result.

Look for a program that will increase the amount of work you can do. Everything will fall into place from there.

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