• Josh is just getting started and had some questions about what he should do. Listen in on the conversation and see if there are any tips that can help you get started on a keto or carnivore diet.
  • We all know fitness helps improve strength and has benefits that range from better metabolism to improving your hormone function. Did you know there are 3 very specific things that exercise does, no one talks about?!?!
  • Maria needs no introduction. She is the queen of keto and her passion for sharing information has directly helped me learn and have a better understanding of nutrition and health. I am very thankful that we got to spend time
  • *I know the sound isn’t the best. It’s still a great video. Watch it. 😉👍🏽 Recently I participated in a project for filming the next season of Reversed, The Carnivore Season in Costa Rica. While on the set I had
  • Menopause doesn’t have to suck! I recently had the pleasure of working with an awesome group of ladies to see if reducing carbs and doing some hard training could help with how they handle the symptoms of menopause. The results
  • Everything you didn’t know about Gluconeogenesis If you’re like a lot of people in the keto community, you’ve heard plenty about gluconeogenesis (GNG). The most common topics of discussion are how too much protein can be detrimental to ketosis because
  • Muscle Matters Go to any health coach, personal trainer, or nutritionist and you won’t have any problem finding out how much body fat you should have. We are so focused on fat loss that even though many professionals understand the
  • You’ve spent the last several years feeling bad. Your sick, tired, and frustrated. You finally have had enough and start to change your eating habits. It takes time but you start to see improvement. Your digestion issues get better. You
  • If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that I am a big advocate of building lean mass and improving strength as the foundation for metabolic health and enhancing your quality of life. The idea that we
  • Ask most people why they workout or watch what they eat and they’ll tell you they want to lose weight, get lean, lose body fat, or slim down. Many people obsess about what they eat, spend an inordinate amount of
  • There are a million workout plans out there. All of them can be intimidating to someone who isn’t familiar with exercise, fitness terminology, or just hasn’t spent a lot of time in a gym or fitness environment.  Even if you
  • Back pain. Knee pain. Struggling getting off the toilet or out of a chair. Getting up from the floor is a challenge. Most of the exercises you do when you workout are difficult. Any of these sound familiar? What if
  • The kettlebell is one of the most underrated pieces of fitness equipment there is. It’s different, weird-looking, and most people have no idea what to do with it. Little do most people know, the kettlebell is an excellent tool for
  • There’s so much information about fitness and so many different people with a myriad of approaches, levels of experience, and individual goals. How do we make all of it fit into any one person’s lifestyle? How do you look at
  • You’ve decided to make some changes but you don’t know where to start, how to start, or what to do. Here are a few tips that will get you moving and give you a good foundation to build off and
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