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  • Why Carnivore or Animal-based? Thousands of people are considering the idea that just eating meat could be good for them. Even better, thousands of people are trying it and finding out that, it is VERY GOOD for them! Why are
  • I’m a feminist. I believe in the power of a woman. I firmly believe that women get the short end of the stick in many circumstances and I am all in on empowering women to reach their potential and achieve
  • I haven’t wanted to address anything COVID related. There is so much misinformation, biased information, and people projecting their own fears and prejudices into the discussion that it makes it very difficult to have a meaningful conversation. I am not
  • You don’t need to increase your workouts or your intensity. You don’t need a new coach or program. You can keep your macros just the way they are. Just get more sleep. When you sleep, there are several things that
  • Ok so you’ve decided to do something for your fitness and now you’re wondering,… “How do I find the right program for me?” Wherever you live, you probably have access to over a dozen gyms. There are hundreds of online
  • What if I told you that neither of these people was healthy? What if I told you that in order to get their bodies to look this way they had to achieve an unhealthy mental attitude towards food, and push
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