• If you’re a parent, you know how scary it can be watching your children imitate the things you do and say. Their ability to absorb and reflect our mannerisms, attitudes, even our facial expressions can be eerie. As a parent
  • There is no direct link too eating red meat and getting cancer. Regardless of what you may hear on the news, eating bacon is not as bad for you as smoking. Thank goodness! Here are some very good references with
  • “Eat meat, Drink water”, is the mantra of the carnivore community. The Carnivore Diet aka. The Zero Carb Diet has been an effective tool for many years to help people with all sorts of issues heal themselves, and live better
  • You’ve probably heard someone say or read someone post that the carnivore diet, “is not about losing weight, it’s about healing your body.” Umm… I have to disagree with the idea that this diet should or shouldn’t be about any one thing.
  • Anytime someone wants to learn something new they go to a place, physical or virtual, where someone with more knowledge will teach them. You see it in all aspects of life. Music lessons, Dog training, learning a second language, computers,
  • “I wish I had your metabolism.” “I just need to speed up my metabolism.” “If I eat a bunch of small meals throughout the day, I’ll have a faster metabolism.” Have you ever heard or even said something like this?
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