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With proper instruction about how to begin from where you currently are, how to establish rational goals, and how to increase the intensity of exercise at the proper rate so as not to lead to injury, this book gives very clear and simple instructions on how to “go outside and play” regardless of your age, or the current depth of your sedentary spiral. Increasing your muscle mass, bone strength, agility, and proprioception are vital if your goal is to neither look nor act your age. Bronson is just the person to show you the way. This book is a vital resource for those of us who have returned to eating like a human, and are now ready to start moving and playing like one.

Ken D Berry, MD (@kendberry.md)

Author: Lies My Doctor Told Me

Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness

How to combine nutrition and fitness to optimize your health and quality of life!

Coach Bronson brings real solutions to the challenges you face every day on your journey to better health. After more than 10 years in health and fitness, Coach Bronson is providing a single resource for everything you need to know about health and how to obtain it.

Fitness is Freedom

I saw this book and was thrilled to be able to read it. I’ve been Keto for 2 years and have been wanting to start up a fitness program. This book turned out to be perfect. While the book is titled “The Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness Book,” it’s not just about fitness, but delves into your diet as well. So much great information, worksheets, advise, and anecdotal stories that you can read through it quickly and not even realize that time has flown by. This is a great read for anyone starting the Ketogenic way of life, or have been Ketogenic for a time and want to up their game with incorporating fitness, or for anyone that just wants to be fit and experience the freedom that comes with the fitness that Bronson encourages. You can tell that Dant truly cares about the health of the reader, for not just men, but for women as well. The pictures I’ve attached show my progress in weight loss, Fat loss, muscle gain, etc for a 2 month (8-week) period. For me, this was huge as I had been stalled at my starting number for a year. Through reading Dant’s book and following his diet and exercise recommendations, I was able to break that stall and gained strength in the process. I was even able to do a significant hike (5 miles going from about 5K ft to 8,100 ft elevation), recently and I was able to recover overnight. From someone that hasn’t hiked in 25 years, that was significant. I look forward to continuing Dant’s recommendations to see how fit I can become and experience the freedom that comes with it.

Theresa S.


Whether you’ve been following a Ketogenic lifestyle for years, or you’re just getting started, this book will save you time and frustration.

As a coach and someone trying to stay active and independent as I reach my 50th year, I have put the things in this book into practice and it has changed my life dramatically. I will never have to worry about losing my physical freedom, being reliant on others, or missing out on the life experiences that my future has in store. I want the same for you. The information in this book can change your life.

Coach Bronson

In The Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness Book you will learn

How to connect with your “Why”

What you can do to avoid stalls

How the right mindset leads to success

Secrets to speeding up your progress

How to find and start a fitness program

How to make nutrition and fitness work together for the best results

Why being Ketogenic is great for an active lifestyle

What macros work best on Keto

Corrections to some common myths about nutrition and fitness

“Bronson delivers a detailed yet easy to read and understand, comprehensive guide breaking down the importance of muscle, goal setting, the truth about fat loss, nutrition, and achieving true fitness for those desiring to live their lives to the fullest–healthy, strong, and vital. The average person to the more fitness-minded will find this book beneficial.”


Amber W. (@lonestarketogirl)

Host of the Lone Star Keto Girl Podcast

Coach Bronson helps us turn up the volume of our why and turn down the volume of our excuses. By facilitating a change in mindset, this book helps us begin to identify as someone who is privileged to enjoy the freedom found through fitness. Age, athletic ability, and past disappointments are no longer limitations to our present enthusiasm and our future quality of life. Coach Bronson’s guidance can assist you in unlocking the full value of the strength and endurance made possible through a keto lifestyle.


Joe and Rachel S. (@2krazyketos)

Hosts of the 2 Krazy Ketos YouTube Channel

“Wow. ‘Ultimate’ is right! Coach Bronson has packed this book with a lifetime of knowledge and practical takeaways that anyBODY can implement (at any age) to improve their health, physical ability, and overall quality of life. Just the mindset chapter alone is a gold mine, unlike anything I’ve found in other fitness and nutrition books. Do yourself a favor and begin applying Bronson’s life-change advice the moment you pick up this book. Your body will thank you.”


Natalie G. (@theketobikinipro)

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Primal Health Coach

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