The fitness program to help you become Unstoppable

I learned new and different ways to change up my workout by using weights, cardio, bands, etc. and also got myself back in the habit/committing to working out. Being accountable to others helped also!

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The Fit and Fabulous Training Method is a monthly subscription that gives you everything you need to improve your functional fitness and feel amazing!


You Get:

  • A fitness app with 5 workouts each week, delivered right to you
  • A detailed explanation of each workout
  • Movement videos included
  • Direct Access to Fitness Professionals
  • An online forum where you can share with other subscribers and interact with Dr. Jaime Seeman
  • Weekly videos with information on the goals for the week and how to attack each workout.
  • Ongoing fitness, nutrition, and wellness information from Dr. Jaime and The Apex Training System
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