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A brief history of low carb nutrition. After 800 years can you still call Ketogenic diets a fad?

Here are some things you probably didn’t know about ketogenic diets. This list is not a comprehensive history, just some points of fact that you should consider as you research proper human nutrition.

Ketogenic diets encompass ANY diet that is focused on the removal/reduction of plant-based foods and the inclusion/prioritization of animal-based foods to optimize the nutrient intake and utilization of fat and protein by the body. 

Common types of diets that fall under this umbrella are, Atkins, Theraputic Keto, Ketogenic Diet, Carnivore Diet, Ketovore, etc… Throughout history, ketogenic diets have been used with great success to enable amazing feats of human accomplishment and cure disease. Even though it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that a name was given to the concept of ketogenic diets, they have shaped the course of human development since the dawn of time.

Ketogenic Diet Facts

  • In the early 1200’s, ketogenic, animal-based nutrition enabled Genghis Khan to conquer the world.
  • In 1864, William Banting wrote, what is considered the FIRST diet book the, “Letter on Corpulence“. This book, proposed a low-carb nutriton lifestyle as a means for managing weight and health.
  • In 1888, Dr. James Salisbury, introduced the “Salisbury Steak” in his book, “The relation of alimentation and disease“.  As a doctor, Salisbury used animal-based, ketogenic nutrition to cure diabetes, gout, and other chronic ailments.
  • In 1921, the biological mechanism behind ketogenic diets was discovered. This led to giving the diet a new name and breakthroughs in the care and management of epilepsy.
  • In 1972, Dr. Robert Atkins introduced his method of low-carb nutriton in the book, “Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution.  This is really where ketogenic diets started growing in social consciousness in the 20th century.
  • Most recently in 2021, Harvard University did a study that demonstrated a dramatic improvement of health and body composition in over 2000 people who followed a carnivore diet.

Book of the Month

A Revolutionary Program to Extend Your Physical and Mental Performance Envelope. Our recent book ‘The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living’ was written for health care professionals, championing the benefits of carbohydrate restriction to manage insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and type-2 diabetes. In response, our athlete friends asked “What about us?” This companion book is our answer, and it could be titled: ‘The Art and Science of Avoiding the BONK’. But actually, it is much much more than that. The keto-adapted athlete benefits from superior fuel flow not only when nearing glycogen depletion, but also during training, recovery, and in response to resistance exercise as well. 

Science Resource of the Month

Effects of ketogenic diet on oxidative stress and cancer: A literature review

Studies have also shown that the ketogenic diet reduces the growth of cancer in humans and animals by lowering blood glucose and raising blood ketones. Further, the ketogenic diet’s mode of action improves antioxidant capacity, with enhanced antioxidant glutathione (GSH) biosynthesis. As a result of the current analysis, the ketogenic diet has been proven to be promising, might serve as a possible preventative and treatment method for some conditions, including cancer, and is worthy of future study.

Video of the Month

A Ketogenic Diet – How to Get Started 

Why You Should Try a Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet has been an effective tool for many years to help people with all sorts of issues heal themselves, and live better lives.

There is a long list of diseases, chronic illness, and other health factors that moving to a whole food and animal-based diet has helped people improve and heal. The benefits to metabolic health are the most impressive aspects of the diet.

How does the Ketogenic Diet do all this and help you lose body fat, gain muscle, and make you feel more energized?

Find out how……


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