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This book has been in the works for a very long time. Everything I have learned about how to build a high quality of life through fitness and nutrition is going in the book. Keep your eyes and ears open. More info coming soon!

Expected Publish Date - May 14th!








Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness

How to combine nutrition and fitness to optimize your health and quality of life!

Coach Bronson brings real solutions to the challenges you face every day on your journey to better health. After more than 10 years in health and fitness, Coach Bronson is providing a single resource for everything you need to know about health and how to obtain it.

Fitness is Freedom

Whether you’ve been following a Ketogenic lifestyle for years, or you’re just getting started, this book will save you time and frustration.

As a coach and someone trying to stay active and independent as I reach my 50th year, I have put the things in this book into practice and it has changed my life dramatically. I will never have to worry about losing my physical freedom, being reliant on others, or missing out on the life experiences that my future has in store. I want the same for you. The information in this book can change your life.

– Coach Bronson

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