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I had to throw all my size 12 skinny jeans to the giveaway pile and am now in a size 10 comfortably. I also took all my size XL and LG shirts and put them in the giveaway pile. I’m now in a medium. I have to buy all new summer clothes along with winter.

It’s weird thru all this I haven’t focused on my size at all. I’ve focused on my energy, mental health, skin and hair growth.

I’m 53 so at the point that I want to be able to move to play with my grandkids and continue my everyday life with gusto. I’m thrilled with these results so far and the next 6 months will work toward gaining more muscle.”

Andrea, 53 Years Old

If you would like the proper support and tools you need to succeed on your journey to good health, this challenge is the first step to take.

Michelle, 45 Years Old

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