First Responder, Office Worker, or Soccer Mom, be ready for anything.

Take Control. This is your time.

Group Fitness for anyone who wants to be better for themselves, their families, and those they serve.

Chase down a bad guy down the street or your kids in the back yard. You got this!

➡ Are you struggling with daily tasks that once were easy?

➡ Have you tried other gym routines only to stop going due to a lack of interest?

➡ Do you want to get back to enjoying the activities you love to do outside of the gym?

➡ Do you just want “to feel like yourself” again?

➡ Are you interested in having more vitality, and stamina?

➡ After all these years are you still confused with something as fundamental as proper exercise & nutrition?

3 Steps to Reach the Top

Schedule a FREE 30 Min Intro

You’ll do a short workout and we’ll get to know each other a little bit. Let’s find out if it makes sense for us to work together and if you are ready to follow a super effective, fitness program that will help you lose fat and build muscle.

Follow the Plan

Your Personal Training sessions will get you moving. If you signed up for nutrition help, you’ll receive a nutrition guide that will walk you through the basics of what you can do to meet your nutrition goals. There will be regular check-ins with your fitness and nutrition coach.

Reach your goals

At the start of the program, you will set some goals. If you remain consistent and follow the plan, you will see some amazing results. Past participants have seen lower body fat, more muscle, increased energy, and a greater sense of self-confidence about what they can physically do.

What will the APEX TRAINING SYSTEM do for you?

Making a decision is the first action of success

➡ You will get stronger and be able to do more

➡ Get excited about your fitness routine again

➡ Increase your ability to do the activities you love to do outside of the gym

➡ Remove limitations and enable more physical freedom

➡ Get rid of aches and pains

➡ Improve your self-image

➡ Discover a simple way to make eating for your health and performance fit into your lifestyle

➡ Be proud of the person you see in the mirror

Bronson Dant

TSC Head Coach

CrossFit Certified Trainer (CF-L3), NASM Certified Personal Trainer, USA Weightlifting National Coach, USA Powerlifting Coach

As a Physical Fitness and US Army Combatives instructor and as the former owner of a health and fitness center, I have spent many years helping people improve their health and physical performance.

The needs of a Police Officer and the needs of the middle-aged mom down the street do not differ that much. They do differ in the level they are performed and the fitness required to be successful. 

This program fits both individuals. My job is to manage and apply the process to each person that takes the classes. You will get what you need.

You will get it safely. You will have fun doing it. It will make you better at your job, and at life.

Let’s get to work! 

– Bronson

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